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Chasing that fresh glove feeling...

GX was founded on the idea that high quality cabretta golf gloves should be widely available at a fair price. As golfers, we all know that not much beats that fresh glove feeling. However, after five or six rounds, the softness starts to deteriorate and we are left with a decision; keep using the worn out glove or buy a new one for upwards of £15.


It doesn't matter if you're an up and comer or an established player, as golfers we all feel the irritation of paying over the odds for a glove we try to desperately to extend the life of.

We want to eradicate this problem, so we created GX.


No expense was spared in creating a quality cabretta glove for all golfers. We set out to make a real difference in the price of these gloves so we focused on selling directly to you.

Other brands will go through reps, wholesalers and buyers and prices increase at every stage until they reach you. GX exclusively sells online to completely eradicate these costs, leaving you with a quality product for a much better value.

Stop sacrificing your performance.


With GX, there's no reason you can't have that fresh glove feeling more often AND save money

Join us, and experience a #bettercabretta.

GX GOLF SELECT-04268.jpg
GX GOLF SELECT-03843.jpg

Please note: due to high demand
size medium Players cabretta on back order until 19th june

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