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Golf Glove Fitting

tape measure.jpg

Please Note : Our glove sizes are Approximately half a size smaller to what you would find in pro shop brand gloves.

For example, if you currently wear a footjoy medium and it fits fairly tight, we would recommend a Medium Large.

Glove fitting is simple, a golf glove should feel:


1. a good fit across the palm but still allow you movement. A very tight glove can increase grip pressure and greatly reduce the lifespan on a glove.


2. Comfortable in the fingers a good fit in the fingers allows for a great grip on the club.

Use the guide below as an estimate to help you decide your glove size:


tape measure.jpg

x small – 173 - 179>

Small - 180mm - 187mm


Medium – 188mm – 195mm

Medium large - 196mm - 202mm

large - 203mm - 210mm

X Large - 211mm - 220mm

hand measure.png

Measure from tip of middle finger to first crease on wrist.

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