Gold Bundle - Mid Layer, Beanie, Breathable Snood, GX Players Gloves (6 pack)

Gold Bundle - Mid Layer, Beanie, Breathable Snood, GX Players Gloves (6 pack)

GX Golf Essentials - Mid Layer Half Zip (Athletic Fit) (Black or White)

GX Golf Mid Layers are made with a range of fabrics to give you the best performance possible out of a golf mid layer. The polyester/spandex fabric gives you maximum comfort while incorporating a generous amount of stretch and workabiliy, perfect for helping you achieve a maximum rotation and dexterity in a range of weather conditions.


Beanie #BetterCabretta (Black)

A cuffed knit winter beanie hat with fashion pom. Bold GX logo on the front with #BetterCabretta stitched into the back. 

Look fresh on the coldest  with the GX #BetterCabretta beanie!


GX Breathable Snood

The GX Breathable Snood is specifically designed for golfers:

- Side ventalation helps you to breath through area of fabric without moisture build up (when mouth and nose is covered)

- Thin polyester/spandex material allows for comfort when worn around the face area.

- Extra long design allows for maximum coverage of neck, face and upper sholder area. 

- Decreases air flow through neck opening in jumpers/jackets helping you stay warm in cold, windy conditions.

- Unlike other, thicker snoods, the GX Breathable Snoods design does not impeed your ability to make a full shoulder rotation when playing golf.

- Adjustable fastener to tighten/loosen opening


6 Pack - The Players Cabretta Glove

The GX Players Cabretta Glove is constructed from the finest cabretta leather to create an unmatched feel and grip. Ventilation on both the front and back increases its breathablitly to ensure the life of the glove is prolonged, even in hot weather. 

To allow for a perfect fit around the palm area each glove has elastication sewn in to the knuckle and strap area. Due to constant application and removal as well as the opening and closing of the glove, the palm sees the most wear out of all the areas.  This addition to the glove allows for the cabretta to not become stretched or deformed during periods of use.




    Every GX Product you recieve should be of the highest standard. If for any reason you are disatisfied with your purchase please email us and share your concern with us. We will do whatever we can to make it right.


    Machine washable, turn inside out when washing to preserve longevity of garment. Tumbledry on a low heat or ideally hang to dry. Do not iron.

Mid Layer Colour